About Us


The Westside Cities Council of Governments is a regional voice that extends the leverage of its member agencies at the State and Federal level for the benefit of the region. We are charged with preserving and enhancing our respective local and regional quality of life by building relationships, maximizing our resources, advocating for our mutual interests and promoting policy for the benefit of our residents, businesses and visitors.


The Westside Cities Council of Governments (WSCCOG) is a joint powers authority created by the cities of Beverly Hills, Culver City, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, the City of Los Angeles (Districts 5 and 11) and the County of Los Angeles (Districts 3, 2, and 4). The Board of Directors is comprised of a Delegate and Alternate from each of the local government entities, appointed by their respective jurisdictions. These members have partnered in a voluntary cooperative endeavor to forge consensus on policies and programs of regional significance that enhance the quality of daily life, sustain the environment and enrich the future for Westside residents, businesses, and visitors.

WSCCOG provides a forum for discussion and communication as well as formalized representation and advocacy with governmental agencies at all levels. The organization also monitors legislation as well as regional, state and federal funding and other collaborative opportunities to maximize services to the public at a minimum cost. Priority issues established by the Board are subregional economic health, transportation and improved mobility, environmental issues/sustainability and land use, housing, social services and homeland security/safety.


WSCCOG combined population represents over 750,000 individuals and 60,000 businesses—one of the highest population and employment densities in Los Angeles County, as well as one of the highest proportions of transit ridership. The Westside subregion has some of the nation’s most visited attractions including pristine beaches, world-class hotels, museums, shopping, and entertainment destinations. The Westside is the hub of the entertainment industry and Los Angeles International Airport is the world’s third busiest airport in terms of passenger and cargo movement. The area is home to several nationally recognized sustainable building projects ranging from housing to office space to award- winning environmental projects that protect the spectacular natural beauty of Santa Monica Bay.