WSCCOG staff will work with the member cities and other stakeholders and public agencies to conduct the following activities:

WSCCOG Homeless Working Group

WSCCOG staff will coordinate and facilitate a standing check-in conference call meeting with the WSCCOG Homeless Working Group members. Tasks will include the following:

  • Conduct meetings on the first Tuesday of the month, or as needed
  • Draft agenda items and meeting notes
  • Coordinate with the member cities to explore and discuss topics relevant to the subregion, share information and resources

 Regional Advocacy

WSCCOG staff will assist the subregion in advocating for priorities presented by the Board and Homeless Working Group regarding homelessness priorities, including rapid re-housing, permanent supportive housing, landlord incentives, rental subsidies, housing retention, additional shelters, and programs that preserve and promote affordable housing. Tasks may include the following:

  • Attend workshops and conferences to monitor homeless and housing issues
  • Review and take position on key legislation related to homelessness and affordable housing
  • Work with the Los Angeles County and relevant stakeholders to advance the WSCCOG’s homelessness priorities

Regional Collaboration

WSCCOG staff and the WSCCOG Homeless Working Group will engage with the City and County of Los Angeles to identify partnerships, potential collaboration, and opportunities to implement programs and services funded by Measure H (County of Los Angeles) and Proposition HHH (City of Los Angeles)

Westside Cities Representatives

Committee Name Title
Measure H Revenue Process Working Group Winnie Fong Project Director (WSCCOG)
Regional Homelessness Advisory Council Danielle Noble Assistant Director, Community and Cultural Services Department (Santa Monica)
Regional Homelessness Advisory Council Meg Barclay City of LA Homeless Coordinator (Los Angeles)
CSAC-League Homelessness Task Force Yibin Shen Deputy City Attorney (Santa Monica)
LA County Homeless Initiative/ CSAC-League Homelessness Task Force Phil Ansell Director, Homeless Initiative Los Angeles County