Reports & Documents

Westside Cities Mobility Matrix (March 2015)

In February 2014, Metro Board approved the comprehensive and holistic countywide approach for preparing Subregional Mobility Matrices to establish subregional goals, performance objectives, and project needs as the initial step to identifying transportation programs and projects that require funding. The Mobility Matrix does not prioritize projects, but serves as a tool for future prioritization of projects in preparation for further quantitative analysis of the Metro Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) update in 2017 and a potential sales tax ballot measure in November 2016.

Westside Subregion Workforce Housing Study (November 2008)

The Westside Subregion Workforce Housing Study highlights key workforce housing issues affecting the Westside. The goal of this study is to examine regional workforce housing needs and potential housing strategies to reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMTs) by commuters to employment centers on the Westside. The concept underlying this Westside Workforce Housing Study is to create an analytical framework and set of strategic actions which can be collectively implemented to address the issue of workforce housing and build partnerships with area policy makers, local governments, and employers. – Westside Workforce Housing Study [PDF]

Westside Mobility Advocacy Toolkit (May 2006)

The Westside Cities have developed this toolkit, including a sample advocacy letter, to encourage greater public support of and involvement in seeking funding for Exposition Light Rail to Santa Monica and the Westside Subway Extension. Westside Mobility Advocacy Toolkit Funding is needed to move Exposition Light Rail to Santa Monica and the Westside Subway Extension from the drawing board to reality.

Linking the Westside Cities to the Future Venice/Robertson Light Rail Station (June 2005)

Linking the Westside Cities to the Future Venice/Robertson Light Rail Station aims to identify alternative transportation options for the Westside Cities in the area around the proposed Expo light rail station at Venice/Robertson and the I-10/Robertson interchange. This study assesses and describes existing barriers to multimodalism, identifies strategies to enhance multimodal mobility at Expo and across the Westside, and sets the stage for future development and planning in this area, putting emphasis on the convenience and safety of non-motorized transportation modes.

The Westside Mobility Study Update (October 2004)

Update to the 2003 Westside Mobility Study

The Westside Mobility Study (October 2003)

The Westside Mobility Study takes a multi-jurisdictional approach to addressing regional transportation needs. It is focused on practical short-term and longer-term transportation solutions, ranging from improved transit stops and improved arterial efficiency to construction of up to two regional rail lines, as well as funding considerations.