WSCCOG Bicycle Infrastructure Priority Corridor Gap Closures

In 2011, WSCCOG initiated on the development of WSCCOG Bicycle Safety Awareness Coordination Plan. An important element of the plan is recommendations for the closing up of gaps in the current bicycle infrastructure. These recommended gap closures will create a basic regional bicycle system that provides both north/south and east/west connections, and also connects all the WSCCOG jurisdictions with each other and the City of Los Angeles. Individual cities within the WSCCOG will then be encouraged to develop projects that improve or close these gaps on their route systems.

The following priority gap closures that were identified and recommended by the WSCCOG and bicycle advocates include:

  1. Expo Light Rail Bike Path/Bikeway (from La Brea Blvd. to the western terminus of Phase 2**)
  2. Santa Monica Blvd./Broadway (from La Brea Blvd. to Ocean Ave.)
  3. San Vicente Blvd. (from Sunset Blvd. to La Brea Blvd.
  4.  Barrington Ave./McLaughlin Ave./Slauson Ave. (from Sunset Blvd. to the Ballona Creek Bike Path)
  5. Beverly Dr./Beverwil Dr./Duquesne Ave./Jefferson Blvd./Overland Ave.(from San Vicente to Westfield/Culver City Transit Center)

** Proposed Expo Corridor subsequently extended to the Santa Monica Pier.

Considerations in recommending Corridors were: (a) connectivity between jurisdictions; (b) feasibility/attainability (currently planned in at least one jurisdiction’s bicycle plan); (c) accessibility to cyclists of varying skills (perceived safety/ease of use); and, (d) completeness (coverage throughout the sub-region). The Board directed staff to open a 30-day electronic comment period so that interested members of the public could review, and provide input on, these recommendations. The WSCCOG board approved the five recommended priority inter-COG bike facilities corridors on March 15, 2012.

Recommended Priority Inter-COG Bike Facilities Corridors Map
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WSCCOG Bicycle Infrastructure Priority Corridor Gap Closures Map