Westside Subregional Bikeshare

City Vendor Bikes/Stations  Launch Date Notes
Beverly Hills CycleHop  Phase 1: 50 bikes Winter 2016  Launched in April 2016
Culver City Bicycle Transit Systems N/A May 2018 Bike Share Feasibility Study
Santa Monica CycleHop Phase 1: 500 bikes/65 stations Fall 2015 Launched in November 2015
West Hollywood CycleHop Phase 1: 150 bikes  Summer 2016 Launched in August 2016
UCLA Campus CycleHop 130 bikes and 18 hubs Fall 2017 Launched in October 2017
LA County Bicycle Transit Systems Phase 1: 65 stations/1,090 bikes Summer 2016

Bikeshare Equipment and Technology

CycleHop - SoBi Bikeshare System

SoBi’s “smart-bike” system technology allows users to rent, release and lock the bicycles on the bikes rather than on the racks. Each bike is capable of accepting payments and releasing the bike-locking mechanism independently via a mobile, web and administrative software that interacts with the smart-bike hardware. People who are not registered can sign up on-line using a computer or mobile device, at one the outdoor pay kiosks, and potentially other local businesses. Once registered, users can initiate rentals by walking up to any bicycle. Without need for a kiosk, smaller stations, consisting of as few as 4 racks, are feasible. If a customer returns to find no bikeshare rack available, the bicycle can be locked up nearby. System operators can locate the bike through its GPS and retrieve it for rebalancing.

Bicycle Transit Systems (BTS) - B-Cycle Bikeshare System

B-Cycle's smart-dock bikeshare system utilizes a payment kiosk and a docking station to return the bikes. Users can locate a known place to find bikes and allow them to walk up to a station and pick-up a bike at any moment. The smart-dock bikes unlock in response to a credit card or a member key, providing a secure locking point to deter theft and safely transmit usage.

Timeline of Events

In Fall 2014, the City of Santa Monica selected the vendor CycleHop to operate the 500-bicycles/100-stations system by Summer/Fall 2015. The cities of Beverly Hills, Culver City, and West Hollywood are considering participating under the same terms and conditions of Santa Monica’s contract. For more information about Santa Monica’s “smart-bike” equipment and technology, click here. Westside Cities transportation planners recently tested the smart bikes in Santa Monica. Click here for the article.

In Fall 2013, WSCCOG supported the City of Santa Monica in issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for installation and operations of a bikeshare program, which was structured to allow for regional interoperability with other Westside cities.

Since 2012, WSCCOG has identified a regionally-coordinated bikeshare system as one of the top transportation priorities in the subregion. A regional bikeshare system would encourage people to drive less, support local businesses, improve street safety, and increase public health and quality of life.


Updated 12/29/17