WSCCOG Endorses Measure W

On September 20, 2018, the WSCCOG Board voted unanimously to endorse Measure W – Safe Clean Water Parcel Tax. The proposed 2.5 cent parcel tax would raise approximately $300 million per year and would be dedicated to reducing pollution and enhancing local water resiliency in Los Angeles County.

The WSCCOG and its member cities are committed to protecting our waterways from stormwater contaminants and enhancing our local water resources.  The WSCCOG supports Measure W because it will help fund initiatives to reduce pollutants in our waterways, streets and along our shorelines.  It will expand local water supplies by funding projects that will capture, infiltrate and reuse rainfall. Moreover, Measure W’s emphasis on encouraging the development of nature-based projects to capture and use stormwater will create jobs throughout the County in the construction and maintenance of much needed additional open space and recreational areas.

Measure W is critical to helping our cities prepare for drought, clean our beaches, and green our communities. We applaud the County Board’s resolution to place Measure W on the November ballot and are pleased to support the County in this effort.