League of CA Cities COG Regional Director

Honorable Sue Himmelrich, City of Santa Monica (7/2019 - Present)

Metro Westside/Central Service Council

Martha Eros, City of Beverly Hills (6/2018-6/2021)
Perri Sloane Goodman, City of West Hollywood (7/2019 – 6/2022)
David Feinberg, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus (7/2017 – 6/2020)

Metro Technical Advisory Committee

David Feinberg (Primary), Santa Monica Big Blue Bus (N/A)
Hany Demetri (Alternate), City of West Hollywood (10/2017 – Present)

TAC Streets and Freeway Subcommittee

Charles Herbertson (Primary), City of Culver City (10/2017 – Present)
Kevin Riley (Alternate), City of Beverly Hills (1/2018 – Present)

Metro Board Southwest Corridor Representative

Mayor James Butts, City of Inglewood (1/2015 – 1/2019)

SCAG Regional Council District #41

Honorable Meghan Sahli-Wells, City of Culver City (5/2019 – 5/2021)

SCAG Community, Economic & Human Development

Honorable Lauren Meister, City of West Hollywood (5/2018 – 5/2020)

SCAG Energy & Environment Committee

Honorable Greg Morena, City of Santa Monica (5/2019 - 5/2021)

SCAG Transportation Committee

Honorable Thomas Small, City of Culver City (4/2018 – 4/2020)

Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission

Honorable Kevin McKeown (Primary), City of Santa Monica (4/2018 – 4/2020)
Honorable Meghan Sahli-Wells (Alternate), City of Culver City (4/2018 – 4/2020)

LAHSA Regional Homelessness Advisory Council

Alisa Orduna, City of Santa Monica (4/2018 – Present)

County Water Resilience Plan Working Group

Honorable Meghan Sahli-Wells, City of Culver City (10/2016 – Present)