New Video Resources Encourage Community to Get Involved in Addressing Homelessness in Santa Monica

With the support of a grant from the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative, the City of Santa Monica created a training curriculum and a series of videos to encourage community members to get involved. The City uses the DEEPeR (Determine Situation, Effective Engagement, Problem Solving, and Resolution) strategy provides a framework to empower community members to have safer, more effective interactions with people experiencing homelessness.  

Click here to view the full library of DEEPeR and Services in Sixty videos. For more information about addressing homelessness, including ways to volunteer, donate and advocate, visit 

Here is a description of the videos:

  1. Day in the Life – Santa Monica shares a story of Kevin, who has lived Santa Monica for many years. The video shares his inspiring story about how changed his life by connecting local service providers and housing.

  2. Services in Sixty Seconds - Santa Monica has longstanding partnerships with local social service agencies to provide a comprehensive range of housing and supportive services.  “Services in Sixty” highlights a few of the organizations that serve people experiencing homelessness in Santa Monica. 

  3. DEEPeR Overview - The DEEPeR strategy provides a set of tools that empower community members to have safer, more effective interactions with people experiencing homelessness.  The DEEPeR overview video introduces this strategy, which can be applied to any encounter with someone you do not know.  

  4. DEEPeR Businesses - Local businesses are often impacted by homelessness. Businesses can how they can apply the DEEPeR strategy and other resources to problem-solve situations at their business. 

  5. DEEPeR Landlords - Property managers play a vital role in our community.  Using the DEEPeR strategy can help address problematic behaviors and direct people toward services.  

  6. DEEPeR Residents - The DEEPeR strategy can help residents have safer, more effective interactions with our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Residents can learn more about the resources available in Santa Monica and ways to get involved to address homelessness.  

  7. DEEPeR Charitable Organizations - Faith communities and other charitable organizations have a long history of helping those in need. The DEEPeR strategy can guide these organizations to help in more effective ways by connecting people to social services.