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County Recommends Homelessness Plan Implementation Grants to Westside Cities

The County is recommending to award the Cities of Culver City and West Hollywood with grants to support the implementation of their homelessness plans. The grants will support increasing the supply of interim and permanent housing for people experiencing homelessness.

Culver City will receive $280,000 for a feasibility study on motel conversion and modular housing on city property and inclusionary zoning ordinance.

West Hollywood will receive $300,000 for a study on exploring city-owned and alternative sites for bridge and permanent housing development.

Culver City releases proposals for housing feasibility studies

As part of the Culver City’s implementation efforts to address homelessness, the City released three request for proposals in September 2018 for the following studies:

Increasing affordable housing development in the Westside is a key strategy in decreasing and preventing homelessness in the region.