The Westside is culturally rich with over 40 museums and performing arts facilities located across the subregion, including two designated art/design districts. Despite Los Angeles’ auto-dependent reputation, you don’t need a car to hop from one cultural facility to another in the Westside. Walking, biking, and public transit are excellent alternatives to navigating traffic through the busy streets and freeways by car. The Westside is well-served by public transportation through its local and express transit service. Metro also offers exclusive discounts to participating museums and performing arts for Metro riders. With local bike share systems launching throughout the subregion, it will be easier to rent a bike and cruise around the Westside. Ready to explore the arts in the Westside car-free? Check out the resources below.


Cultural Arts Interactive Map

Locate cultural arts facilities and find out how to get there via public transportation. Click on each icon for more details such as description, hours of operation, admission costs, etc. This map is also mobile-friendly.

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Beverly Hills Walking Tours

Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau