Transportation Priorities

Measure M MUlti-Year Subregional Program





In 2015, the WSCCOG approved an initial list of transportation priorities as part of the Measure M Expenditure Plan. The priorities include the following:

As of 2018, the WSCCOG is currently working with Metro to develop a preliminary list of projects and a 5-year plan for the Multi-year Subregional Program for Active Transportation and First/Last Mile Connections. For the latest updates on the process, click here.


WSCCOG will be developing a preliminary list of projects and a 5-Year Plan for its Multi-Year Subregional Program (MSP) under Measure M. Metro provides a five-year Measure M programming funding forecast for each MSP, based on the amounts provide in the Measure M expenditure plan. The WSCCOG is estimated to receive $19 million for its Active Transportation/1st and Last Mile Connection Program for the first five-years of the expenditure plan.

As part of Metro’s MSP process, WSCCOG must provide a detailed list of projects that meet readiness thresholds, outline project timelines and phasing, identify allocated and anticipated funding sources, and define the process for public participation. The public participation process should focus on soliciting feedback from targeted stakeholders to ensure that the MSP reflects the priorities of local and subregional communities. To facilitate the development of the MSP 5-Year Plan, WSCCOG prepared a preliminary list of projects for the Westside Mobility Matrix in 2015, and recently prepared an initial plan for the Public Participation Element as part of the MSP process.

For the latest updates on the process, click here.